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What’s up vapefam!
SirRisc here with another gear review!

Today I will be looking at a simple starterkit that has no frills but does sport temperature control (or temperature limiting rather), the Joyetech EGO One CT.
Yes, the same one that GrimmGreen was cursing about because of the name, which stands for Constant Temperature and not Control Temperature as he claimed. 😉

The EGO One CT was sent to me for the purpose of this review by!


With all the high powered mods and cloudchasing atties hitting the market lately, we sometimes loose sight of what vaping is all about.
To me vaping is still a way to quit smoking, and a damn good one at that.
But despite my personal preference for high powered devices and max VG clouds, there are a bunch of people out there who need a simple setup that works.
Something that doesn’t require a full on lunghit, something that doesn’t require 1.21 jigawatts, something simple and effective.
And Joyetech is a company that provides something like that with the EGO One.

Since the first iteration of the EGO One, there have been a few more additions to the EGO One family.
Recently Joyetech decided it was time for the EGO One to venture into the wonderful world of temperature control with the Ego One VT (Variable Temperature) (which coïncidently is on sale here).
And because that is still too complicated for some starting vapers, they also made the EGO One CT (Constant Temperature).

So if you’re looking for a cloudchasing setup, close this tab and find another review (one of my previous ones perhaps?).
But if you’re looking for a simple starterkit with temperature limiting, read on!




* EGO One battery (1100mAh or 2200mAh)
* EGO One atomizer (1.8ml capacity or 2.5ml capacity)
* 19mm diameter
* Available in silver, black, red, blue and white
* 3 coils included; CL 1.0ohm (Kanthal), CL-Ni 0.2ohm (Ni200), CL-Ti 0.4ohm (Ti01)
* 3 Modes; W (wattage), Ni (Nickel Temperature Limiting), Ti (Titanium Temperature Limiting)
* USB Charging
* 1A wall adapter included



As expected from Joyetech, the packaging is on point and looks rather luxurious.
A white box with silver lettering and a depiction of the product inside. Classy as fuck.
On the back you’ll find a slew of information, including what’s in the package and in capital letters: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
Kudos for including that, Joyetech!

Inside of the box you’ll be greeted with the EGO One in its basic configuration.
It’s sat in a white foam insert and is actually pretty tight in there.
You’ll notice the lack of a driptip but have no fear, just pull the ribbon to lift the foam insert and you’ll see a bunch of stuff waiting for you.
First off the warranty card, then the usermanual, then a box with a USB cable and wall adapter, and finally a bag with the 3 coils and the driptip.
The coils are all packed seperately in plastic so you can rest assured these are clean.

Some photos…



I’ll admit I haven’t vaped mouth-to-lung for a long time and it felt a bit awkward going back to it.
I’m a lunghit kinda guy, I really am. But regardless I filled up the EGO One tank with some 12mg juice and pushed through for a couple of days subjecting the EGO One CT to all kinds of abuse.

It held up nicely, in fact it did the job pretty much perfectly with the CL-Ti coil. A bit of a cooler vape but good flavor and no fuss.
The CL-Ni coil did a better job in terms of warmth, but it had that typical metallic taste nickel tends to give.
The CL coil has been good too but, as the name of the mod suggests, doesn’t work with temperature limiting.

The CT stands for Constant Temperature, which means there’s no adjusting wattage or temperature on this mod.
It’s basically screwing in the coil, filling the tank and setting which material the coil is using.
Switching between the modes is done when the battery is turned off and then holding the powerbutton for 2 seconds.

Of course that brings me to the question “What temperature is it running at?”
In CW mode the power output will be regulated by the resistance of the coil, much like a mechanical mod would do.
0.4ohm to 0.8ohm will run at 25W, 0.81ohm to 1.6ohm will run at 15W and 1.61ohm to 3.5ohm will run at 7.5W which makes for a comfortable vape each time.
The CL-Ti coil will run a bit different since it will bring temperature into the equation.
The CL-Ti coilheads will be limiting the temperature in Ti mode at 470°F (or 243.3°C) and the CL-Ni will limit the temperature in Ni mode at 480°F (or 248.8°C).
The CL-Ni coil did a better job in terms of warmth, but it had that typical metallic taste nickel tends to give.
The CL coil has been good too, but as the name of the mod suggests, doesn’t work with temperature limiting.

That’s about it in terms of performance. It’s such a simple kit that even a monkey could figure it out.
And believe me when I say the simplicity actually works well for this kind of kit.
For newer vapers that want to stay clear of dryhits or burnt hits, this is a perfect solution.



There’s really not much to tell in terms of aesthetics, the mod is kept very minimalist and that’s not a bad thing.
I have the simplest version available, the stainless steel, but it is also available in a couple of colors.
There’s a button on the battery, it has three LED lights above it that measure under a millimeter and that’s it.
Oh yeah, there’s a USB on the bottom to charge the battery.

The tank itself is anything but flashy too, it’s a simple design with windows in 3 slits so you can see your juicelevel.
The airflow ring is clean and doesn’t leave much to the imagination. It’s all just… simple. And that’s what I love about this kit.

A few impressions…


Pros and Cons.


* Excellent starterkit
* Easy to use
* Simple, minimalistic styling
* Works as intended
* Good flavor
* Mouth-to-lung hits are easy, lunghits are restrictive but comfortable


* Batterylife isn’t great
* Vapor feels a bit cool sometimes
* Coils have very limited airflow (not a con if you do Mouth-To-Lung hits!)
* Driptip feels a bit cheap
* Anything above 50VG results in dryhits


In conclusion.

The EGO One CT is definitely not a bad piece of kit, it’s a great upgrade from regular EGO type batteries or an excellent way to quit smoking.
Despite not being my kind of vape, the kit works well and performs as it should.
Joyetech have the right idea with their minimal approach in regards of styling, the kit is inconspicuous without being bland.
The ease of use is an added bonus, there’s no fussing around with settings or anything.
Overall I’d say this kit is a very good buy, though personally I think the EGO One VT might be a better one for people looking to explore more.
AVE40 have let me know that they are having a sale on the EGO One VT, so you’ll have to make up your own mind on which one to pick. 😉

In closing I would like to thank for sending me the EGO One CT for review!
And of course all of you readers, thank you very much!

Join me next time as I go to the other end of the spectrum of simplicity, and get lost in the settings of the Smok XCube II, a big dual 16850 powered TC mod with LED lights and bluetooth!

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review! Do you think your stuff has what it takes? Get in touch!
I can be reached on my website, via DM on Instagram, on the Facebook page, via DM on Reddit, or via DM on ELR.

#staycloudy !

*SirRisc disappears in a cloud of blood orange and cream scented vapor*

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