IV – EP040 – “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

This Tuesday night on Inside Vaping. 12/08/15 @10pm EST via www.theohmpage.com/live/

*Malaysia – Crackdown in Singapore takes effect, State of Johor orders vape shops to close.

*Exploding Hoverboards!!! (Whatever you do, don’t plug it into an Ego charger)

*Pennsylvania hopes to make up budget deficit through punitive %40 tax on e-cigs.

*BAT/MatTek respiratory tissue study shows ecig vapor to be harmless.

*Vapers in Toronto Canada stand up, protest and let their voices be heard.

*In wake of lawsuit against Five Pawns another is filed against Cuttwood/Molecule Labs.

*The enemy is at the gates! Opportunistic lawsuits multiply.

*Guest Panelist: Edward Wolff

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James Martin