IV – EP039 – “Then came the lawyers, then came the rules!”

This Tuesday night on Inside Vaping. 11/24/15 @10pm EST via www.theohmpage.com/live/

*First lawsuit filed against so called “Organic” e-liquid companies.
*Vapordiet? All the satisfaction, none of the calories!
*3 Pawns Vs. 5 Pawns: Divided we fall.
*The Return of the B.O.D. Awards.
*A Billion Lives picks up steam!
*New CDC Data does an about face on e-cigs.
*Jerry looks at the Springomizer (GG Tilemahos)
*Dr. Gaston Ostiguy sets the record straight on e cigs (Montreal)
*Senator calls for investigation into source of leaked FDA final rule.
*Explaining the RTPA and the financial consequences it poses to vapers.

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James Martin