IV – Ep 034 – “Slow News Week!”

This Tuesday night on Inside Vaping. 09/01/15 @10pm EST via www.theohmpage.com/live/ and via YouTube Live Stream Event.

* Guest Panelist: Jeannie K of vplive.com
* Sustainable, Artisanal and Holistic. Are these the new buzzwords?
* Vaping declared “haram” forbidden for Muslims.
* OMG, LOL. WTF is a watt hour? (Take 2) Ed Explains.
* The lowdown on CBD e-liquids. Should I pee in that cup?
* Captain Morgan Vs. Captain Amsterdam???
* Indiana High-Schoolers – E-Cigs, Alcohol, Marijuana and Suicide?
* Cuomo bans Palcohol “Capri Sun for Adults”
* We announce the Mr. Good Vape Contest Winner.

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James Martin