Inside Vaping Ep 026: A Billion Lives. Guest: Film Director Aaron Briebert.

Tuesday night on Inside Vaping:
Guest Aaron Briebert, director of the upcoming film “A Billion Lives” joins us to discuss an exciting new documentary with the potential to increase awareness of a reduced harm alternative to cigarettes.
(View the trailer here:
We break down Mitch Zoeller’s address at the NATO (National Association of Tobacco Outlets) conference.
Ed and James talk Vape Bash 2015, hands on with the Atlantis II, the Arctic and the SX Mini M-Class.
Jerry and Ed discuss’s new DIYNA (DNA 40 Diy Enclosure).
The relative efficacy of closed vs. open systems, and as always, More tired rhetoric from the ANTZ and a healthy dose of Glantz!
I really didn’t try to make that rhyme, it just happened.
All this and more on Tuesday night, 04/28/2015 @ 10PM EST at

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