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What’s up vapefam!

Today I will look into an established brand on the market that does things a bit different.
HaloUK is a brand that has been around for a while and aims mostly at newer vapers, people who want to quit smoking and switch to vaping.

These liquids were sent to me for the purpose of this review by Ecigarettedirect.co.uk!


As I stated, HaloUK is a brand that aims more at the newer vapers among us, which means you won’t find any high VG juice tailored to the cloudchasing, subohming, sick-as-tits class.
Instead you’ll find juice that is kept more balanced towards tanks and mouth-to-lung setups, the stealthier ones of vaping.
You’ll find juice that is actually lab-tested for diacetyl and AP content, and the results are made public on the website.
That doesn’t mean this juice comes in a cheap gasstation variety, it just means there’s a different market being served.
A market that actually matters a whole lot in the fight against draconic legistlations, because the newer vapers are essentially what we’re fighting for too.
Keep in mind that we all (or most of us anyway) started at some point to get away from smoking, and that the vaping community gains vapers every day.

So is HaloUK doing something right? Let’s find out!


The review.

All the liquids were tested in somewhat lighter setups, considering the higher nicotine content and PG ratio.

* Innokin Endura with the T18 tank and a 1.5ohm coil (14W)
* EGO One VT with a EGO One tank and a 0.4ohm Ti coil

Each juice was tested for about a day as my all-day-vape.


Crazy Custard

Ingredients: 6mg/ml nicotine, PG 60 / VG 40

Description on the website:

This silky smooth flavour is as creamy as on the palate as the name suggests, and gives a light vape that’s pleasingly delicate on the tongue. A soft, easy-to-vape flavour, Crazy Custard blends creamy sweetness with subtle, spicy notes of cinnamon and nutmeg for a multi-layered taste that you’ll love.

My review:

Scent: A sweet vanilla custard

Color: Dark amber

Taste: It tastes like it smells, like a sweet vanilla custard with mild spices thrown in the mix.
It’s definitely not your everyday custard as the vanilla is more subtle than you’d expect, but the custard notes are very realistic and very full.
The spices are only there to serve as an accent and round off the profile by poking through very gently on the exhale.
The cinnamon is obvious, the nutmeg less so but both have their merit in this recipe.
A good all-day-vape for those who love custards!

* Flavor: 8/10
* Vapor: 6/10



Energy Rush

Ingredients: 6mg/ml nicotine, PG 60 / VG 40

Description on the website:

It may not be for everyone, but Energy Rush is perfect for vapers who love the unmistakable taste of energy drinks. Like a can of energy drink, this sugary sweet e-liquid delivers a blast of mixed fruit flavour that will keep you on your toes – no caffeine required.

My review:

Scent: Very sweet energy drink

Color: Clear with a pink-ish brown hue

Taste: A big gulp of Monster with a slightly softer profile is what this juice will hit you with.
It’s definitely as the description says, not for everyone. I kind of like the flavor but I also feel it’s a bit too sweet, much like I find Monster to be too sweet.
There’s a slew of fruits in there that taste mostly artificial, again like it is in the drink.
Overall it’s not to my taste, but it’s a good recipe that approaches an energy drink. To each their own. 😉

* Flavor: 6/10
* Vapor: 6/10



Menthol Blast

Ingredients: 6mg/ml nicotine, PG 60 / VG 40

Description on the website:

Need to wake up your taste buds? Take a deep breath of this cooling flavour, which will leave your whole mouth tingling its with icy taste and smooth texture. One of our more extreme flavours, Menthol Blast is a great way add a bit of kick to your vaping experience.

My review:

Scent: Soft menthol with a sweet note

Color: Clear

Taste: If you’ve been a smoker, you may remember the hard menthol they put in filters.
This is the same kind of menthol, hard hitting and very cool.
There’s no real distinction in flavors, it’s just hard hitting menthol that will freeze your mouth and throat.
I personally love the stuff, but it may not be for everyone because of the sheer amount of cooling.
With that said, if you’re looking for a really really strong menthol, this might be it!

* Flavor: 8/10
* Vapor: 6/10



In conclusion.

HaloUK has definitely improved their range and they’ve done so with precision. The 50/50 ratio is a good bet for any newer vaper and the flavors are diverse enough so that everyone will find something they’ll like.
The new bottles are looking great and seem to be very leakproof too, I just wished they’d be aslightly softer so they’d squeeze more easily.
Overall I’d definitely advise newer vapers to check the range out!

In closing I’d like to thank Ecigarettedirect.co.uk for sending these liquids out for review!
And of course all of you who have been reading and supporting my reviews: thank you!
In the spirit of the season, I wish you all happy holidays. May our vapes be flavorful and our lungs be pink!

Join me next time for a look at the Koopor Plus and TFV4 Mini! Clouds bro, CLOUDS!

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review! Do you think your stuff has what it takes? Get in touch!
I can be reached on my website, via DM on Instagram, on the Facebook page, via DM on Reddit, or via DM on ELR.

#staycloudy !

*SirRisc disappears in a (small) cloud of crazy custard scented vapor*

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