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Hello again vapers!

A couple of weeks ago I did my first juicereview on TheOhmPage, two European juices that seem to be very well received.
Today I will look to the other end of the pond with a luxurious tasting liquid straight from the US!

Epiclouds is the max VG variety of Namberjuice, made mainly for drippers and to maximise vapor production without compromising the flavour.
Namberjuice is described as a gourmet juice and has its origin in the good ol’ US of A.

Most of you will know the creator of this juice as GrimmGreen, he has been doing Youtube reviews of gear, beer and liquids since… well, since forever really.
His first video went up in June 2009, that should give you an idea on how long Nick has been vaping.
He was at the cradle of the vaping revolution as we know it to this day.

Anyway… Reviewtime!

Epiclouds Cartomator Crush comes in a translucent black 30ml bottle with a black and white label containing the Epiclouds logo, the name of the liquid, and the nicotine content in large print. In smaller print are the ingredients, and on the other side the well known warnings to keep your liquid away from children and pets as well as the nicotine warning.
The top is childproof and hides a stumpy drippertop, the bottle is a little softer than most other bottles making it very easy to drip into your RDA.

Epiclouds Cartomator Crush

Epiclouds Cartomator Crush

I tested the liquid in a freshly coiled (0.7ohm dual coil) and wicked (Rayon/Cellucotton) Tobh Atty sitting on top of a Hana DNA30 (clone) at 30Watts.
For good measure, I also tested it on that same Hana with a Doge RDA built with 0.7ohm twisted dual coil, also wicked with Rayon/cellucotton.
The liquid came in 6mg nicotine content.

Epiclouds Cartomator Crush

The description on the website:

Namber Juice and Vaperfexion have been friends for a long time and to celebrate their friendship we made “Cartomator Crush” as a VapeBash 2013 juice, where we shared a table with them. Cartomator Crush is obviously named after their brilliant Cartomator Tanks that are not only beautifully designed but one of Nick and Amber’s personal favorites. This is strawberry pink champagne flavor that is absolutely perfectly balanced. It was one of our top sellers at VapeBash and we’re really proud of it!

My review:

Honestly, Nick and Amber should be proud of this one. It’s perfectly balanced indeed, and is easily a great all-day-vape.
The champagne is soft and shines mostly on the inhale. It’s a very authentic flavour and feels like a high quality champagne straight from the bottle.
The strawberry is sweet and well riped, and tastes like summer. It’s not overly sweet and doesn’t dominate the palette at all. It just pokes through ever so slightly on the exhale.
Combining both the champagne and strawberry in a perfect balance is what makes this juice so extremely tasty. It tastes like a genuine glass of champagne sweetened with strawberries. A slightly sweet but very soft flavour without any synthetic aftertaste.
Considering this is a max VG liquid, the vaporproduction is very high. You will not be able to stealthvape this, but you’ll be chuckin’ sick as tits clouds for days, bro. (Yes, I went there.)
However most max VG juices seem to lack flavour after a few toots, this one seems to perform pretty good. I took at least 6 long drags before I started losing flavour, in comparison with another max VG juice where I lost flavour after 2 long drags.
This is cloudchasing in style.

My final thought is that I need more. A lot more. I’d vape this all day, erryday just because it’s such a lush and well balanced flavour. As soon as my bankaccount recovers from the last spending spree, I’ll be ordering a few more bottles as well as some of the other Epiclouds flavours (and consequently review them too).

* Flavor: 9.5/10
* Vapor: 10/10

Unfortunately the Epiclouds line is still hard to find in Europe, and the only shop I’ve found distributing Epiclouds is out of stock quite often.
Europeans could try ordering from the Namberjuice website, but be warned that your order may be held by customs and depending on your local regulation it may even be destroyed.
For you Americans though, it shouldn’t be a problem getting your fix at the Namberjuice website, or your local b&m.

I’d like to thank Grimm Green for sending out the package containing this bottle!
And of course I’d like to thank all of you for being such an amazing community.

Keep being awesome!
Keep on vaping!

*SirRisc disappears in a puff of strawberry vapor*


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