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What’s up vapefam!
SirRisc here with another gear review!

It seems lately all I’m reviewing are small temperature controlled mods, and I’m honestly glad there’s so much choice out there.
Back when I started vaping, the MVP2.0 was about as good as it got if you wanted a decent mod, unless you went for a mechanical mod.
But now we’ve got plenty of mods out there that perform great, cost little and look good.
No wonder so many companies are suddenly taking notice and putting mods on the market…

The ELE P70 Laisimo was sent to me for the purpose of this review by Gearbest.com!


Classy as fuck. That was my first response when I saw this mod on a photo.
ELE is a company that is mostly known for making smartphones, good ones at that.
But if this mod is any indication of future mods to come, I’d say they’re on a good track.
At least aesthetically they are… the performance may need a bit more finesse.

So is it a good first attempt? Let’s find out!


ELE P70 Laisimo


* Stainless Steel body
* Springloaded 510 connection
* USB charging
* Leather clad magnetic battery cover
* 3 powermodes: Power (VW), Ti (TC) and Ni (TC)
* Temperature range: 212°F to 662°F or 100°C to 350°C
* Resistance range: 0.05ohm to 2.5ohm
* Power output 5W to 70W
* Single 18650 battery
* Big OLED display
* Available in SS/Brown, SS/White, SS/Black



The ELE P70 comes in a fancy black box with gold lettering, hinting to the more luxurious demographic ELE is aiming this mod at.
On the bottom you’ll find a round sticker that shows the color of the leather, and a link to the ELE website.

Inside of the box you’ll notice a golden inseam with a white foam insert that holds the mod.
Underneath the insert is a usermanual, nothing more. No USB cable, no sleeve, just the manual.



The ELE isn’t just a single battery powered device, it also has temperature control for Ni200 and Ti01.
In regular power mode it can provide up to 70W, which should be enough to power drippers and tanks alike.
In TC mode, it will output the power automatically according to the temperature you set. Easy, but not always a good thing.

Which brings me to one of the biggest flaws on this mod, it reads the resistance of the coils fairly correct in power mode.
But it doesn’t in TC mode, where it really matters. Essentially the cold resistance is the baseline for the mod to regulate temperature, so if the resistance is read wrong the temperature will also be wrong.
I tested with a couple of coils at different resistances and this is what I found: a 0.12ohm dual Ti01 build reads at 0.15ohm in power mode, 0.29ohm in Ti01 mode and a whopping 0.51ohm in Ni200 mode.
Changing the atomizer or switching to a single coil build doesn’t seem to change the facts, it just reads wrong in TC mode.
Despite that glaring fault, setting the temperature and vaping a tank dry didn’t seem to give me a dry hit; It turned down for what… uhm, it turned down the power before the coils burned the wicks as it should.

The buttons are tactile, they feel nice and they respond to each and every click immediately.
Holding the mod to fire with your thumb or turning it over and firing with your indexfinger is comfortable.
The button placement is done right, though the slight concave where the buttons and screen reside can feel a bit odd.
It makes it just that little bit harder to reach the buttons.

Switching between modes is as easy as holding the up and down buttons for a few seconds and waiting for the display to switch.
That’s also the only functionality you’ll have on this mod, because there’s no locking of resistance, no button lock, no power lock, nothing.
It’s either setting the power or temperature and switching modes that makes up the full set of functions.
A button lock would have been nice, and seeing as the resistance in TC mode is a bit iffy a resistance lock might have been useless anyway.



The P70 is definitely a luxurious looking device, mostly because of the leather over the batterycover.
The stainless steel body is smooth but shows vertical brushing, as do the buttons in fact.
If you choose to buy a different color of mod, the stainless steel will be the same but the leather will be different.
It’s available in black leather, brown leather like mine, and white leather which I honestly thought looked very nice.
The display is bright and very easy to read, it doesn’t seem to scratch either.
In fact it’s not even in plastic I think…

The leather batterycover is actual leather, but not of high quality. Putting the mod in your pocket with keys will damage the leather quickly and permanently.
Being a softer material also makes it prone to getting dirty, after a few weeks of use the leather has several darker spots that are very hard to get off.

All in all though, I love how this mod looks. It has a more luxurious look and is an excellent mod to carry along to fancy parties.


Pros and Cons.


* Cheap!
* Ni200 and Ti01 supported
* Beautiful design
* Very tactile buttons
* Bright display
* Easy to use
* Temperature in °C or °F


* No button lock, no power lock, no resistance lock
* Reads resistance wrong in TC mode
* Leather is prone to dirt and scratching
* USB port on the bottom
* Cover can be hard to take off
* Batterylife isn’t great (though not bad for a single 18650)


In conclusion.

I get that this was meant to look more luxurious and have a low price, but it feels as if ELE went all out on aesthetics and neglected the functionality.
The mod has one glaring fault with the resistance being read wrong but it does limit the temperature before giving you dryhits.
A wick singing test was passed with Ni200 without problems but it singed the cotton slightly with Ti01.
The batterylife isn’t great but it is a single 18650 powered device after all, and it does provide plenty of power from that single battery.
All in all it’s a beautiful looking mod and it performs alright for the price, but it’s not going to break any records.
Cheap but luxurious looking, more of a fashion statement.

In closing I would like to thank [Gearbest.com](http://vapor.gearbest.com/) for sending me the ELE P70 Laisimo for review!
Thanks for reading, folks! Join me next time as I explore the perfect pen-styled starterkit from Innokin, the Endura T18!

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review! Do you think your stuff has what it takes? Get in touch!
I can be reached on my website, via DM on Instagram, on the Facebook page, via DM on Reddit, or via DM on ELR.

#staycloudy !

*SirRisc disappears in a cloud of honeydew cream scented vapor*


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