Aspire Nautilus Mini

I like things that are easy. I really like things that are easy and work. As a long time vaper, I still keep buying most of the new tanks that come out on the market in hopes that one day there will be one that is easy, works, and gives an enjoyable vape. I found it in the most unlikely place: The Aspire Nautilus Mini.

Let me start by saying how very much I was disappointed in the Aspire Nautilus. It was touted as the ‘Kayfun killer’ and people all over the sites that I frequent were raving about it. Had to have one. Payed full retail price to get it into my sweaty palms and……..wah wah wah. I hated it. Constant dry hits and horrible coil life had me trading it a few weeks later. So you will understand my hesitance at buying into the newest and greatest Nautilus.

Well it’s not the mini that’s great, it’s the new coils.

Bottom Verticle coil known as the BVC. It actually eliminates the typical silica coils and replaces them with poly-fill. It gives a great, consistent vape with none of the frustrations. I would have to replace the previous coils every 3 days or so due to that nasty burnt flavor. This guy is going on a week and a half and still hasn’t needed to be changed. Granted, I don’t vape on it all day every day.

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  • Taylor

    I’ve been trying to convince my brother to drop the money on one of the minis. He is a regulated vv/vw vaper and he doesn’t like to fiddle with things (to the extent I end up cleaning his tank and filling it for him most of the time) much, but he still hasn’t seen the light. He’s on an Aerotank still and I really want him to try those Vertical coils.