The Reviewers Queue Ep. 6: I’ll See Your DNA And Raise You A Nickel!

Let’s get ready to rumble!! It’s the great DNA 40 debate! This could get heated, folks… but will it fire without burning or will it detect a new atty and refuse to fire because Temp Protect kicked in? Tune in!

Join us this Wednesday at 9pm Eastern for what is sure to be a lively discussion about the DNA 40 and its temperature sensing technology.

Robert Ellis
Basil Ray

Matt Culley ( will be broadcasting, and Candi McCann ( will be gathering questions from in the chat room.

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  • Banqou

    I think if Innokin had the same problems as Evolve. They probably would not be a company any more.

  • Banqou

    U.S. makes expensive good genies, but that is it.

  • Banqou

    Most grateful for the work you do.

  • b33j

    Any chance of you guys putting this show out as an audio only podcast like Plumes does ?

    • You never know in the future, but right now it’s not something we’re considering.