The Reviewers Queue Ep 22: A Night With Mr. B

In tonight’s Reviewers Queue, Ruby Roo and myself will me sitting down with Phil Busardo to talk about anything and everything vape related.…

Join the gang streaming live at 9 pm Eastern at where we have live chat.

Replay will post on The Reviewers Queue YouTube channel

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Matt Culley

  • Patricia Wms-McDonald

    Just want to say I Love all you guys, been Vaping 20 months, cig free 20 months. Phil, Candi, Ruby passed on knowledge that kept me safe and educated. Sometimes I had no freaking idea what the hell Phil was talking about but I kept watching until I did. I have spent a ton of cash in this journey and now know what works best for me. Just kind of disturbed with the direction Vaping is going with all the over the top cloud chasing, extreme sub ohm, and this teen rage with Vaping. Hopefully Vaping will maintain some of its original purpose and that is to free smokers and Save Lives. Vape Free ! Vape On ! Vape Life !

  • Angela

    Someone should (really hate the “should” word, sorry…) make an audio clip of Ruby doing her intro for Phil B. “The Biggest, the Baddest, the One and Only…” Kudos, Ruby, best intro ever! 🙂
    If the Ohm Page peeps don’t do it, I bet Kevin at VP Live would love to use it in his “music”.