The Plumes of Hazard Episode 6: Community Service

Each of us brought on a guest from our respective vaping communities –
NYC, Maryland, Central Florida and Dallas -Fort Worth, TX.

We chatted some guests up about their scenes, touch on shops and what not.
Although they’re all part of the community, it’s four very different personalities and regions.

Rich from Alembic Vapor Labs in Maryland joined us, he gave away 4 bottles of his juice to two lucky winners.

Talia Eisenberg, owner of Henley Vaporium in NYC also joins the ranks.

From the Dallas-Fort Worth area Trent from Pantheon Vape Lab graced us with his presence, he gave us a REAL hammer by Kato to give away.

Tim Gaume aka Tbolt from Naturally Fresh Tobacco in Florida shall represent the southeast corner. He’s also got a show of his own on VapersTV called Quest Vaping

Thanks for everyone who tuned in.

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