The Plumes of Hazard Episode 59: Going In Dry (Burning)

Tonight we will be having our friend Andy from Atty Lube on the show. If you have not heard of these delicious juices check them out here:

Head on over the to join the chat.

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The Plumes Of Hazard

The Plumes of Hazard is a vaping show that airs every Monday at 9 PM EST. The 4 experienced vapers: Understudy77, TheAngstfulVaper, Foobaca, and MastBlast09, bring you the latest news and information in the vaping world. Filled with guest appearances technical information, by the end of the show you'll be wondering what crazy shit will be said next.

  • StangerDanger

    Just a heads up. The new batch of Derringers just went on sale at for $75!

    • StrangerDanger


      • Angela

        Damn, I wish I had waited but I bought a clone. I don’t buy much and I really wanted one to go with my win DZ mod from Plumes. Anyway, thanks for the heads up!

        • StrangerDanger

          Yeah, that’s the first place I saw that restocked. You’re welcome.

  • Angela

    Regarding doing something about these proposed vaping regulations such as the asinine one in Florida; there is one quick and easy thing people could do if they don’t want or have time to do more. And that would be to forward an email with the info to or The Vaping

    They’re always asking if we would let them know if we hear of something. This year is insane and the have maybe 5 or 6 volunteers total at CASAA. They’re having a really difficult time keeping up with all the proposed regulations pouring in.

    Less than three months into 2015 and they have something like 50 to 100 proposals they have to keep track of. Last year they only had 3 by this time of year.

    They decipher every proposal that looks like it’s written in Greek to me before the make a Call To Action. And they have to learn how each state passes bills ’cause it depends on who or which committee proposed the bill in the first place.

    In other words they are very busy and don’t have time to read the local papers, or listen to the local news like we do without even thinking about it. So even if it seems like a small thing you’d be helping them out a lot. That is all. 🙂