The Plumes of Hazard Episode #020 – My God, it’s full of Hosts

Tonight on Plumes of Hazard, we are on Episode #020, which is a multiple of 5, which means it’s hostful time. Which of course means it will be party time excellent .

We’ve got some things in mind to discuss, but we’d love it if you came by to hang out with us and ask questions that you’ve got. Preferably about vaping, but I’m guessing /u/mastblast09 will be willing to discuss his sense of high fashion as well.
I know offhand that one thing we’re going to want to do is do a little reflection on 20 damn episodes of action packed hilariousness and content. I know this has been a blast for me, that’s for sure.
As always, we’ll be live at 9pm EDT at so come on by and join the chat – there’s a plugin right there. However since it’s IRC, you can join up here or use your own client to connect to geekshed and join channel #plumesofhazard

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The Plumes Of Hazard

The Plumes of Hazard is a vaping show that airs every Monday at 9 PM EST. The 4 experienced vapers: Understudy77, TheAngstfulVaper, Foobaca, and MastBlast09, bring you the latest news and information in the vaping world. Filled with guest appearances technical information, by the end of the show you'll be wondering what crazy shit will be said next.