Plumes of Hazard Episode 3: Return of the Modders

Episode 3: Return of the Modders, aka Mastblast breaks google.

Tonight we will have special guests DZ the maker of the DZ Nutz DNA20 and 30 mods, and Goss, the maker of the Duke on to talk about modding, DNA vs OKR, and everything in between. Tech time is also back with a pro tip on replacing or fixing a 510 connection.

If you wanna grab some of the stuff we talked about, this is the links section:

X Modz:

And the news items we talked about that couldn’t be screen shared:
Igo M:
Kayfun Quartz:

I will update this again after we build out the wiki on, you ask and we will do, so lets turn this modding wiki into something awesome together 😀

Thanks to everyone who watched.

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