Plumes of Hazard Episode 018: Can I Based Yo Juice?!

What up, y’all.
Ok so as I mentioned in the sneak preview post on Friday, today we have none other than pbusardo on tonight’s show. Yeah, I know. Pretty cool, right?
Ok, ok. Get a hold of yourself, ladies.

So we’ll get to hang out a bit, talk about what’s up with current vaping news, FDA, all of that and get Phil’s take at the same time. Also maybe we’ll find out what’s up between him and Dimitri  .
Plus as mentioned a week or two ago, we’ll have Tech Time with /u/mastblast09 covering rewrapping your batteries for fashion and safety. Sexy.
So do what you have to do this afternoon (including voiding your bowels early – ‘cuz when we roll, we roll for at least an hour), and then park your posterior on something and pull up up at 9pm EDT. And bring your questions for el Busardo – we’ll pepper him with those so y’all can feel free to ask whatever.
You are all /u/foobaca’s chirren, but I love you. Like your cool tattooed motorcycle-riding uncle.
EDIT I forgot to mention – we’ll be demoing the new Vicious Ant VariAnt too. Yes. That one.

We started a thread on our sub for timeslot suggestions, head over there or leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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The Plumes of Hazard is a vaping show that airs every Monday at 9 PM EST. The 4 experienced vapers: Understudy77, TheAngstfulVaper, Foobaca, and MastBlast09, bring you the latest news and information in the vaping world. Filled with guest appearances technical information, by the end of the show you'll be wondering what crazy shit will be said next.