The Plumes of Hazard Episode 27: A Bloody Good Vape Show Y’all

Sup errbody,

This week at 9 PM EST Damian from A Bloody Good Vaping ( will be joining us. He reviews all kinds of high end devices, He’ll be more than glad to chat with Foobaca about his Nemesis clone 😉 

That said, it’ll be nice to have a chat with a fellow across the pond who’s part of another vaping community in the UK. Even though it’s a different community, we’re open to crucifixions of all colors and sizes.
If you haven’t seen his reviews, you ought to check them out. He’s a strapping lad, and his content is concise.

Oh, and we’re brining back proper tech time with /u/mastblast09
He recently built some real crazy shit and if you ask nice he may teach you how to build it too.

Live link come showtime:

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The Plumes Of Hazard

The Plumes of Hazard is a vaping show that airs every Monday at 9 PM EST. The 4 experienced vapers: Understudy77, TheAngstfulVaper, Foobaca, and MastBlast09, bring you the latest news and information in the vaping world. Filled with guest appearances technical information, by the end of the show you'll be wondering what crazy shit will be said next.