IV – EP032 – “The Garden State”

Tonight on Inside Vaping, Guest Panelist: John Nathan joins us to share his impressions of the “Vape Expo NJ” event and the resulting fallout from vendors, media and attendees.

* Vape Expo NJ – No vaping at a vape event? An eyewitness report.
* An e-liquid that will allegedly put you in tune with your animal ancestors?
* There’s something in the water… and it’s not Koolaid.
* 3 cheers for BAT study results – E-Cig Vapor – Non-Toxic.
* Triumph! GOP spending bill exempts e-cigs from FDA pre-market review.
* SB140 The Cali sleeping giant bill is resurrected in “special session”.
* DNA200: Discussion of available mods and upcoming devices.

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James Martin

  • Angela

    I am reminded of a quote by Thomas Jefferson: “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” I’m not saying I agree with the way the Expo was handled but rather I believe it’s important to think for ourselves.. History provides us with some excellent examples for why it is wise to think twice before obeying all laws.

  • Fred Finizzi

    Kanger subtank….1 ohm coil on the original full size tank is good for Mouth to lung.

  • Fred Finizzi

    Rick Springfield is from Australia. My most unmanly confession…My older sister was a General Hospital (Rick Springfield was on the show) fan and LOVED Rick Springfield. He came to town on tour and since my sister was a Springfield FAN GIRL My parents, sister, my sister’s friends and me went to the show. It was my first concert and the only thing I can really say I got out of it is that live bands do not sound the same as the album and the whole time I thought every person there but me was a sucker. Man I wish I had an older brother in addition to my sister. My father never liked me so I I had to learn how to be a man without any guidance and I learned the hard way. I wish it would have been a Maiden concert for my first.