IV – EP031 – “Transparency – Do We Really Want to Know?”

This Tuesday night on Inside Vaping. 07/07/15 @10pm EST via www.theohmpage.com/live/

* The DNA 200D – A Month in with the Beta Unit.
* The Juul by Pax Labs (Unboxing, discussion, impressions)
* Hacking the Juul Pods – Refill with your own liquids.
* EDM and PG lead to hearing loss?
* A woman is said to have died from oil in the lungs (vaping).
* Greg Gutfeld Vs. Dr. Nina Radcliff.
* Hon Lik (Inventor of the e-cig a dual user working for BT?)
* Altria contemplates entering the marijuana market.
* Vice.com reports: Ecig company capitalizing on “Charleston Massacre”
* Diacetylgate: Five Pawns Edition. Enthalpy results released, FP Responds.

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James Martin

  • Banquo

    Interesting show, great to see Duane on the Tube.