Greetings From Bogey – Thank you Ohm Page!

Greetings From Bogey, Ohm Pagers!

I wanted my first post here on the Ohm Page to be an introduction post. My name is Erik “Bogey” Bogren and I am a blogger and owner of I am very happy and flattered that I was asked to be a contributor to the Ohm Page. I hope you find my content informative and entertaining. While I may do equipment reviews from time to time my writing generally focuses on helping vapers (especially new vapers) into vaping, providing my perspective on vaping questions or problems, and commentary on the vaping community and the bonds formed between vapers. One of my strongly held beliefs is that our strong and diverse community provides current and future vapers with support for quitting tobacco. It is important we nurture that community and make sure it continues to grow. I believe without it, I would still be smoking today.

About Me

Bogey“I was a two and a half pack a day smoker, but after 20 years I put away the lighter and picked up a PV. I didn’t quit smoking on my first try, but hung in there and by April 1st, 2011 I was tobacco free. I never thought I would find something that helped me. I tried multiple methods, multiple times to quit smoking. Vaping is a godsend. I feel better, my health is better, and I even like myself better.

This has left me passionate about promoting vaping and especially recognizing the great people who I have met through meets, watched on video, or talked with on forums and social media. The people in our community are the backbone of helping vapers and smokers who want an alternative. I want to do what I can to promote our community, their ability to help, and help them raise their VapersVoice. – Erik/Bogey”

My Vaping Journey

I started vaping in 2011 after my workplace put a smoking ban into place. By April 1st, 2011 I was tobacco free. I started with a Greensmoke. Yep, Greensmoke. It never really got me off cigarettes, but it did introduce me to vaping, so I will give it that much. As the year progressed I moved to Vapor4Life (anyone remember 808’s?), and then to Reo’s. By that time I had the bug, and had to have anything/everything vaping. I immediately grabbed on to the vaping community.

The early days the vaping community was instrumental in helping stay off the tobacco. At any time of day on forums I could say I was struggling and get support, help, and gentle pushes to get me though the hard times. One of the greatest things I learned during my journey is that the journey itself is the key to being successful in vaping. You have to take the time to learn, experience, and yes sometimes struggle. Without that, by just jumping in trying to be like long term vapers, you miss out on so much. There are milestones in a vaping journey, and they have roses, so stop and smell them once in awhile.

I am currently in a very happy place in my journey. I have made wonderful friends, found my likes and dislikes in vaping, and have all around enjoyed the ride. In my opinion there is no one ultimate vape. As Yoda in Star Wars might have said if he was a vaper “like, or like not, there is no best“. Many of the smokers I have helped transition to vaping have said, “I never thought I would have liked that”, I thought I would need big clouds, or more flavor, or something else. For me personally, I like warm to neutral vapes, with lots of flavor. Clouds? I can take them or leave them. That’s what I like, but others may not. I guess my point is take your journey, screw the Jones next door.

 The Vaping Bests (and Worsts) are Yet to Come

I am looking forward to the future of vaping. I think it only gets better from here. New technologies, studies on making vaping even safer, and a stronger community are just a few things I foresee in 2015 and beyond. However, we will all face challenges too. The FDA, State and Local Governments, and Anti Tobacco Harm advocates have it out for us. I hope we as a community can unite and provide opposition to those who would try and demonize, manipulate, and end vaping as we know it.

I want to again thank the ohm page for the opportunity to provide content. I hope you find my future postings interesting, entertaining and helpful.  Happy new year!


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Erik (Bogey) Bogren is the owner and primary author for He is an avid promoter of vaping as a tobacco alternative.

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    We are glad to have you doing some writing with us man. I love the perspective you bring to the table and would like to thank you for agreeing to contribute.