Vaping & Lowest Common Denominator Advertising.


I should start out by saying that I need a “Rant” cateogry.

Ive blacked out the name and location of this shop. Im sure they are nice people and good guys. But…can anyone give me any reason why I would go to this grand opening? The video promoting this grand opening was of these three beautiful ladies posing and twerking btw.

Stop. This. Shit.


Ok seriously. What about this Grand Opening attracts me? There is nothing about Vaping in it (if you dont include the “Raffles and Prizes” portion and the fact that its a Grand Opening for a VAPE SHOP). I dont know how prevelant this is outside of the West Coast, but here…. it’s nearly every single one. Throw in a food truck, a cloud contest, and dancing girls and youve got nearly every “Vape” event in Vegas. “Lets all stand around, see who can blow the biggest fake cigarette smoke and look at boobs!”

The ANTZ that we are all fighting USE promotional shit like this against us. I often hear “lol the FDA isnt on Facebook monitoring what we are doing, STFU”. Id agree, they arent. They have paid cronies for that. Dont believe me? Here’s a collaboration of images they are using against us, and the write up by famous ANTZ Glantz.

Oh and another….

Im looking at you Vape Magazines. Get smarter. Stop putting women holding mods upside down on your stupid covers. Not all vapers are men. In fact, I bet if you started (for once) marketing to smart women; or better yet.. gender neutral, you’d see an increase in circulation.



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Overly critical token female here to break up the sausage fest. 4 year vaper/advocate into High End Gear. I dislike vapers who legitimately want to be Vape-Famous, flippers, and Cloners (not clone users). But... I wont date guys who use Clones or Protanks, so don't even bother.

  • Eric J

    I agree with you 100%. The marketing trend for ecigs is drawing the wrong kind of attention. I think part of the problem is that vaping is a fairly young industry, with a large amount of young business owners starting their first businesses. People need to start using some common sense in regards to their advertising, but with even the big names plastering barely dressed women in their commercials and on their billboards, I don’t think that everyone is going to suddenly mature and think outside of their little box. Maybe I’m just cynical.

    • VapeBitch

      Thanks Eric !

    • Jill Snoddon

      Sick of using Tits & Ass to promote vaping.

      • Shawn Thor

        More tits and ass.

  • Understudy77

    Well said, and I’m glad someone said it out in the open 😀

  • It’s cool we will be laughing while their shops close and us smart ladies just move right past their shop. I haven’t been to a vape shop in Vegas in MONTHS b/c I’m tired of all of the lies, fake stuff, price jacking, flipping, and boobies. I hope it’s better elsewhere in the country. I’d love to be marketed to with something awesome for women! The last thing I saw was the Innokin Lily and that was just insulting!

    • VapeBitch

      LOL the Lily. I forgot about that, so ridiculously dumb.

  • littlesgtpepper

    Thank you for this! I am getting sick of seeing women postured for the titillation of men in order to sell vaping products. I’m all for women wearing whatever the hell they want, believe me, *but* this is obviously the case of using the over-sexualization of women in order to sell these products. And you’re absolutely right: The vaping community is BETTER than this!

    • VapeBitch

      We sure are. And for me, its not even a woman thing. Its that Vaping *is* going to be regulated. We cant use advertising like this.

  • Lizzzzzzzzz

    Wow. Here in TN – there’s none of this crap. I’d be so annoyed and embarrassed if that was constantly happening here. I don’t notice any of that kind of advertising or scene when I make my trips to Florida (gulf), either.

    • VapeBitch

      Yeah, it seems to be isolated to the West Coast mainly. I’m really not sure why. It’s rampant out here. There are pockets of super rad people though. Most of the people I hang out with don’t advertise this way or promote this.

  • Gunny Wallen

    Let’s not forget the tagline of one of the Vape Famous Youtube darlings, RiP Trippers, “sick as tits” vaping and Misogyny seem to go hand in hand. It’s sad and it need to change.

  • NamelessTed

    While I agree that it is annoying that some vape shops are resorting to this type of advertising I also would like to point out that it is not at all unique to vaping. You can probably find an example of people doing this in almost every single industry in the entire world. In the United States we use sex to sell everything from shoes, hamburgers, soda, beer, pharmaceuticals, clothing, music, makeup, deodorant, and a whole bunch of other shit. I’m just saying it is a major cultural problem that applies to everything, not just vaping.

    I also got a good chuckle from the fact that you wrote a whole post about this sexist advertising and then you have the line “I wont date guys who use Clones or Protanks…” in your little bio.

    • VapeBitch

      Sarcasm 🙂 But it has more to do with ethics and things in common more than it does sexism.

      Also, as a Tobacco Product we wont be able to use these types of ads much longer.

  • sllew

    Thank you for this! I’m a guy and it seems like almost every tape shop that opens caters to this genre. If a place opened up here in the So Cal, Inland Empire that was classy… they would have my business. I’m just looking for a CLASSY place to buy vape supplies.

    I saw that magazine at a vape shop. At first, I was interested because I would LOVE to have a magazine discussing vaping… then I saw the cover. 1/2 clothed girls holding a mod. Where is the class??? Most of the ads were the same way. Sigh.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love to look at pretty girls as much as any guy… but the image being portrayed by this new industry, doesn’t necessarily come across as educated, smart or respectful. Plus, it’s GOT to put women off.

    Like I said, if could find a “classy” place to buy tape stuff, they would get my business.

    • sllew

      tape = vape. Spell check. arrgh. 😉

    • VapeBitch

      Thanks for that perspective Sllew. Most of the men that I associate with are very much like you. I knew there was a bunch of good men out there !!

  • Domo Vapor Co.

    this stuff makes me crazy. it is so obvious and totally unnecessary 🙂

    • VapeBitch

      Blake, I will heart you to the end of time #veryhetero

  • Three5Nines

    Sex can be the most beautiful and wonderous thing ever created.

    But using sex to shill your wares cheapens both.

  • I cant help but agree with you. As a woman who vapes, I’m a little more than fed up with assholes who use sex to promote vaping. I didn’t smoke because it was sexy, I sure as hell don’t vape because it’s sexy. I’m no feminist, but ffs, guys, grow up. If you want to see tits and ass, go to a titty bar that lets you vape.

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  • disqus_ovxuopQYu5

    This is geared toward the 20 something single male. Not a lot goes on in the mind of many of them.

  • Found this article via @vapemestoopid:disqus , fantastic. I could not agree with you more.

    • VapeBitch

      Thanks Nick!

  • commandcentral

    Thank you for the post ! i am lucky this sort of sexism is not in the vape shops in my area. It bothers me when i see this stuff happening to an industry i care about. Just goes to show some folks will do anything for money.

  • Paul Walpole

    Unfortunately, the “Vapor is the new smoke” pic is currently being used by my local area vape group as the page banner. I have always thought something more locale related would be good. We have some beautiful local views and architecture that could be used, maybe with some info about the group in text. The only text we have at the moment is the slogan that came with the pic. I can see why people go down this route, first rule of advertising, sex sells i guess, but as the first thing you see on the group it tells you absolutely nothing, shame really.

  • AstroTurf

    link to the Twerking Vid Please…

  • John Denver

    Just wanted to post a comment on a year old article that is still relevant. Good job Deanna!!