Big Pharma Contributions


I ran into the Pfizer PAC PDF that lists all the money that they’ve donated to political campaigns.  Pfizer is the maker of Chantix, the smoking cessation drug.

Why is this important?  The Pharmaceutical industry makes money off of a few things.  Two of them being 1) People being sick and 2) People trying to quit smoking.  If you think they aren’t behind some senators push for e-cig regulations please stop deluding yourself.

Check it out…Look for your local representative.  If they’ve contributed to your representative, make sure you contact your them after reviewing their stance on the Deeming Regulations.  Always remember to remain calm and professional when you communicate with Government.




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  • St_andrew

    Every state representative has to be on that list. It’s incredible, they just give money to everybody. I guess its a way to cover their bases. Also every state Pfizer representing candidate. I guess those are the one really in their pocket.