Too. Much. Information.

Way back in the olden days when I started vaping…2010 I believe it was…things were different. Easier.

Well…definitely ‘smaller’. There wasn’t a landslide of information to be had. I researched everything that I could find about vaping, and felt very on top of what was available. Goggling electronic cigarettes got hundreds of results, not hundreds of thousands. Today there is a veritable sea of information. So much so that how is a new vaper supposed to figure out what they want? There are so many options, how is one expected to even know where to start?

Start here:

Or here:

Forums can be overwhelming. It took me a good 3 weeks of research before I even started asking questions. But through forums I got the exact answers to the exact questions that I had. Also try Facebook vaping groups. Especially if you can find a small local group or a beginners group. Most vapers are willing and happy to answer any questions you might have.

Or you can ask me. 🙂

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Who me? I'm just the resident old lady vaper. Teaching others is what I do.