The Antifreeze Argument

Congratulations on ditching the stinkies, cancer sticks, analogues, otherwise known as nasty old cigarettes! I was thrilled when I made the switch to vaping. I felt better, smelt better, and tasted things I hadn’t really tasted in years. I was joyously enthralled with the proactive decision to do something that was a better alternative to a truly terminal habit.

What I didn’t expect was for my joy to be met with such disdain/hate from my fellow smokers.

” I heard that they are worse for you. Do you know that you are inhaling antifreeze?”


Well…yes, and no. I know that my nicotine liquid contains 4 chemicals: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and flavoring. The antifreeze that you are referring to is the propylene glycol, known as PG for short. It is used to lower the freezing temperature of liquids, so technically it is antifreeze. It is also used to keep tobacco moist, so you are smoking it right now anyways. Didn’t know that did you smartypants? Did you also know that it is in ice cream, and most packaged baked goods? Did you know that it is what’s used to carry the abuterol in asthma inhalers? Did you know that it’s safety as an inhalent has been studied since it’s used to make ‘smoke’ in smoke machines?

Now let me ask you something: Do you know what’s in your cigarettes?


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Who me? I'm just the resident old lady vaper. Teaching others is what I do.

  • Jacob_w

    The “that contains anti-freeze” argument could also be attributed to a small study done in 2009 that found very small traces (<1%) of diethylene glycol in one cartridge from Smoking Everywhere, which I can't seem to find a website for anymore. I've seen it multiple times now, people accusing e-cigs of containing either "anti-freeze" or even one's who think they are smart and saying that they contain diethylene glycol. It was found in ONE cartridge, by ONE company that doesn't even appear to exist anymore.

  • St_andrew

    That company is probably still around just changed its name because of all the bad press.