300w box mod parts list


Parts list.



XT60 connectors

5 turn 200 ohm Potentiometer

any 200 ohm pot can be used

220 ohm 1/6w resistor

Hammond case

i will be starting the build on the plumes of hazard show.



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Mastblast09 is the mastermind behind the Mast Mods Mini, 300w box mods, and all kinds of crazy stuff. He's the resident tech man on the Plumes of Hazard and contributor to the Ohm page.

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  • Cartmon299

    Any chance of getting the wiring schematic on here too?

    • nathen

      did u ever find a wiring schematic?

      • Understudy77

        There were some battery and power issues with this mod, so it was scrapped until Mast could find a surefire safe way to do it.

        • nathen

          I got 2 chips a;ready so i might as well as try to build one. But i cant seem to find like any information on these chips. does he or you have a wiring diagram?

          • derrick

            Here is a diagram for the 300w raptor

          • nathen

            thank you so much

        • Cartmon299

          I’m not surprised there were issues especially running 300watts, that board would of got hot quick and a 60a drain would destroy the life on batteries, but still it’s nice to have finally gotten an answer

          • Jared Angus

            60amp drain on the right LiPo batteries wouldn’t have been an issue. Check my page The Box Mod Vaping Co. On facebook fr upcoming schematics release on 350Watt Design.