IV – EP041 – “Happy New Taxes 2016!”

● Majority of younger vapers are using zero nic e-liquids and teen smoking rates at record lows.
( Critics claim vaping is ploy to addict future generations to nicotine )

● Chicago: The Windy City’s crushing punitive tax bill has passed and it’s disasterous impact on public health.
( Effective Date January 1st, 2016 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! )

● Indiana House Enrolled Act 1432 has been enacted but it wont be going unopposed. Lawsuits filed!
( Unattainable security monitoring requirements, no future permits to manufacturers issued after June 30th 2016 )

● A Billion Lives visits the OMB
( Aaron Biebert will join us on a future episode with a special announcement )

● James’ foray into the world of Virtual Reality
( A story of awe inspiring tech, followed by interludes of jetpack sickness, crossed eyes and spatial disorientation )

Join us via the LIVE page tonight 01/05/16 @ 10pm EST Via http://theohmpage.com/live/

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James Martin

  • IMSiegfried

    I was too tired to join in chat (and it kept kicking me off) but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the show even tho it was depressing. You guys say a lot about what’s on my mind when it comes to narrow minded vapers. Argh! I was a 35 plus year smoker and I will never forget that or how it felt to be free from smoking. Saving vaping is for all would be x-smokers if they so choose.