The chosen few.

“Dearest Ophelia, let me count the ways in which you tantalize my tongue, is it thy juicy wet kisses laden with ripe black currant’s or the feel of thy firm white grapes coupled with thy mysteriously fruity menthol exhale, that beguiles me so?”

“Perchance ‘tis the faintest scent of thy cucumber and pomelo perfume… bubbling through my senses?”

“Forsooth I truly do not know, yet thy ethereal nature satisfies my cravings, my needs… my desires.”

“Lovely Lilith… you brazen hussy, thy dusky berries perched upon such plums… play upon my palate, I can but swoon under thy insatiable creamy caresses, for thine are anything but plain vanilla.”

“I must confess you have tickled my fancy and my nose, I am lost forever in thy autumnal embrace.”

Gabriella my love, I am in awe as thy strawberries stand proud, wanton in their lush fecundity, bursting with flavour. Their only adornments… a dark cream, that feels of velvet to the touch.”

“Thou art a fitting tribute to summer sunshine and those love misted evenings…”

“Why must I be forced to choose?”


“What is this I see before me…?”

… Enter Ismael… stage right

“Ismael? “

“Ismael… is that you, old friend?”

“What brings you here?”

“Cans’t thou not observe that I am besotted with these three buxom Bulgarian Beauties?”

“No wait… Ophelia… Gabriella… and you too Lilith?… do not desert me, o’er craven Ishmael with his creamy banana and caramelized nuts.”

“ ‘Tis most unseemly to depart with such haste, fair maidens.”

“Damn you Ishmael, you sly seductive bakers boy!”

… Exit slowly… weeping…


All (6mg/ml) elixirs (70VG/30PG) vaped in a magma firing a 1.6 ohm coil wicked with cotton from the orient on ye olde trusty cana between 15 and 24 watts.

Sally upon ye interwebbes at , whereforth the cipher REDDIT5 doth permit even stingy misers to enjoy most splendide vapes.

Rating: A signed Vladimir Dimitrov

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  • John Abbate

    “do not desert me, o’er craven Ishmael with his creamy banana and caramelized nuts.”