Shake it easy by Liquideo


Liquideo’s unique collection of milkshakes ready to vape, adds yet another constellation in their galaxy of e liquids.


They say: All the pleasure of chocolate without the calories.

I say: Like the last bit of milkshake that gurgles noisily through a straw drawing attention to poor table manners. More chocolate milk than milkshake but with a great room note.

Strawberry fix:

They say: Like a strawberry frappe.

I say: Needs more milk / ice cream : (

Top Banana:

They say: A banana flavoured milkshake that will conquer you.

I say: A very ripe banana drowning in milk, I liked this one but it is very sweet, a dessert vape for me, it reminded me of Yellow Biafra by Halcyon haze.


They say: A titillating vanilla perfume.

I say: My favourite of the bunch, a great vanilla milkshake that is easily an all day vape for me. Very smooth with no nasty nicotine aftertaste.

To find out more about the e liquids click here:

All 5mg/ml liquids (70VG/30PG) enjoyed in a fibre freaks wicked magma at 1 ohm on a cana firing between 19 and 30 watts.

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