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Today’s review: Charlie Noble

Charlie Noble

Obligatory photo:

Obligatory Photo

Everyone knows Vape Dojo. They’re near ubiquitous around Maryland and in the past had a strong presence on /r/electronic_cigarette, doing awesome contests and giveaways and generally participating in the community. Having already done a Vape Dojo review and liking some of what I tried, I was excited for a review of their “Premium” line, Charlie Noble. If you’re like me, you’re wondering who or what Charlie Noble is/was, and here is what Google has to say on the matter:

Charlie Noble is the smoke stack on a ship’s galley. Around 1850, a British merchant service captain, Charles Noble, upon discovering that the stack of his ship’s galley was made of copper, ordered that it be kept bright.

All juices in this review are 6mg/ml and the PG/VG ratios are different for each juice. This review was performed on my Mast Mods Mini available at DB Liquids using an igo-w w/V-Apes topcap at ~.3ohm and 4.75v for ~70w. I’m vaping my own Bigglesjuice Cholar Bear as a palate cleanser.

Juices in today’s review:

Charlie’s Custard
Charlie's Custard
Blue Bay
Blue Bay
Neptune’s Nectar
Neptune's Nectar
Siren Song
Siren Song
Sollers Pointe
Sollers Pointe
Poseidon’s Punch
Poseidon's Punch

Without further ado, the review:

Charlie’s Custard:
Vendor Description: “A rich, silky custard, homemade with a perfect balance of vanilla and baked crust.
Bottle smells like a light, mellow vanilla custard. Well it smells light, but this one has a hell of an impact. Hits the back of my throat like a ton of bricks. The flavor is there, and it’s pleasant – it’s sweet, and flavorful, just toeing the line of cloying but not quite making it over. It’s got a bit too much body. As the dripper warms, more of the vanilla overtones come through, and it brightens up the flavor a bit. As far as custards go, I wouldn’t put it in my top 5, but it’s by no means a poor entry.

Blue Bay:
Vendor Description: “Ripe blueberries, fresh pomegranate, a hint of vanilla and a twist of lemon
Bottle smells lightly sweet and fruity. Interesting. Lightly sweet blueberry upfront, with tones of some kind of melon or another fruit below. It’s quite refreshing. The blueberry doesn’t come off artifical or too sweet, it’s more like walking through a field of ripe blueberries and getting the smell of all the fruit on the breeze. Dispite being quite light, it’s still got a full, juicy quality to it. This one definitely has some staying power. Whatever the base note in this that reels it back really makes the juice. I would easily recommend this for those looking for a solid blueberry flavor.

Neptune’s Nectar:
Vendor Description: “Strawberry + Banana + Fresh Cream
Bottle smells sweet, tart and almost a little bit like a dessert. It’s a brusque flavor, full bodied with a lightly fruity aftertaste. A mellow sort of fruit blend with a creamy base. It’s not smacking me over the head with flavor, but the body is very nice, very creamy. I get some hints of strawberry, and some other creamy fruit, but it’s well blended so a bit hard to discern. The body on this one is really great, almost to the sacrifice of flavor. All in all not bad. It gets a bit cloying after sustained vaping.

Vendor Description: “The taste of an exotic port-of-call, Tripoli is a finely crafted blend of aged Turkish tobaccos, fig, almonds, and rare spices.
Bottles caramelly and rich. Wow, first notes I taste are some kind of bourbony-vanilla sort of thing, heavy notes of toabcco with some kind of baked fruit sort of experience, rounded out to be creamy and flavorful. The flavors come out a little bit muddled, but the body is rich and the high notes of sweetness bring it together. It has a fair bit of depth, but the flavor is consistent throughout the inhale, a rather bright, high note with a spicy backbone that lingers. All in all not bad, a little bit sweet for my taste but a solid entry.

Siren Song:
Vendor Description: “Like the sirens of legend, this juice will draw you in with a deliciously rich, complex cream and ripe strawberries.
Bottle smells like a delicious, sweet and buttery pastry. So, at first, ouch, it hurts to vape this one. It’s rather bitey, the smell doesn’t really match up to the flavor. Like, it smells like it’s going to be bready and delicious, and then when I vape it I don’t get much of that, I get a muddled, kind of sweet, relatively harsh flavor. So I read the description… Yeah, I can see that, but it’s really not doing it for me. It might be better on a lower powered device, where the vapor is somewhat restrained, but I’m not enjoying it at all. It’s over sweet and doesn’t match the nose at all. After vaping it down a bit and letting it caramelize on the dripper somewhat, it’s more palatable, but that only caused me to raise the score from a 5 to a 6.

Sollers Pointe:
Vendor Description: “Incredibly smooth and creamy with bursts of banana, vanilla, caramel, and a hint of tobacco
Bottle smells lightly sweet with hints of pear and cream. Huh. First impression is very nice. Medium sweetness, followed by a spicy cinnamon sort of aftertaste. It definitely well blended. It almost comes off as a sort of cigar kind of taste without the biting tobacco smoke feel or cigar leaf experience. I get some notes of vanilla with a creamy base, what seems to be a banana note in the middle of the inhale and a tobaccoey spicyness for the afternote on the exhale. Definitely one of the best juices in this bunch. Falls short of a perfect score as it lacks that special something, can come off sort of weird every few vapes, like i’m reaching a sort of semantic satiation for flavor. Not bad, savory and sweet at the same time.

Poseidon’s Punch:
Vendor Description: “An incredibly crisp and refreshing citrus punch.
Bottle smells like citrus sweet tarts. Okay, I was really worried about this one, but it is *fucking* ***delicious***. REFRESHING lemon/lime/citrus inhale, BARELY sweet. It’s like the essence of citrus, pure and simple. Unassuming, but packed with flavor. I was really worried from the smell of the bottle that it was going to be Poseidon’s Cock Punch and bowl me over with over sweet candy citrus flavor, but this is the exact opposite, it’s lemon lime water at your favorite chinese restaurant, it’s a cool sea breeze next to a citrus orchard. If you like citrus flavors and have a problem with juices being too sweet, you MUST try this.

My Picks:

1) Poseidon’s Punch

2) Sollers Pointe

All in all, not bad. The presentation is great, branding on point, and by and large the flavors are interesting. The price point is pretty solid at $13/30ml, having the VG/PG ratios handy is nice for PG sensitive types and cloud chasers. I’m sure new and veteran vapers alike can find something they will enjoy in this line.

Thanks all for reading, next review will be coming soon.

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  • Angela

    I just heard about Charlie Noble’s custard through Candi and I was wondering if I should buy a bottle. I have quite a few different vendors I would like to try but once I whittle down my list I have to try it and the last one in the bunch you reviewed, Poseidon’s Punch. Thanks for the review.

  • Mastblast09

    The Poseidon’s Punch sounds good