project_twenty5oh1’s juice review series, part 21: Paramount Vapor

projectWelcome one and all, after a long hiatus, back to the juice review series. Let’s dive right in.

Today’s review: Paramount Vapor

Paramount Vapor

Obligatory photo:

Obligatory Photo

Paramount reached out to me (at least a couple months ago) to do a review and I was more than happy to oblige. They’ve made a name for themselves on Reddit as a generous vendor who takes care of their customers, takes the time to participate in the community and really puts some thought into what they do.

All the juices in this review are at Max VG and 6mg/ml. This review was performed on my Mast Mods Mini available at DB Liquids using an igo-w w/V-Apes topcap at ~.3ohm and 4.75v for ~70w.

Juices in today’s review:

Strawberry Clouds
Strawberry Clouds
Baja Blastoff
Baja Blastoff
Vanilla Explosion
Vanilla Explosion
Mellow Mango
Mellow Mango

Without further ado, the review:

Strawberry Clouds:
Vendor Description: “We were having some trouble coming up with a name for this. Then we saw a fat, fleecy, floating cumulonimbus cloud in the sky. It inspired us. What if we put a bunch of strawberries in one of those things and vaped it? Without the gift of flight, this is the best we could do.
Bottle smells like creamy strawberries. Wow, that’s very nice. Bright, upfront taste of light strawberry followed by a creamy, fresh whipped cream mouthfeel and taste. As it heats up, the strawberry melds into the cream losing some of those bright notes, but maintaining a very pleasant flavor. It’s a little on the sweet side, but not over-sweet. A very nice strawberry entry.

Baja Blastoff:
Vendor Description: “Imagine if the ocean morphed into a citrusy potion of tropical wow. Now imagine a hurricane. Now imagine vaping that. Yup.
Bottle smells like mellow mountain dew. Well, that’s pretty much what it tastes like, that citrusy, fruity flavor, but also has a kind of chalky overtone of smarties. Kind of the way that redbull tastes like smarties to me, this has that but it’s got a bit of harshness to it with less of the candy flavor. As I vape it down, the flavor mellows out quite a bit and warms up, levelling out that high candy note, but it’s still a bit cloying. If you want a baja blast mountain dew sort of flavor, this isn’t a bad choice, but not something you should go out of your way to try unless you really like that sort of thing.

Vendor Description: “Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. The climax of flavor. The apex of taste. An irresistible explosion of fruit-tastic Oh, oh, OH — you get the idea. Strawberry, mango, peach and coconut.
Bottle smells like hawaiian punch, but less artificial and more real fruity. Wow, that’s nice, I get some melon, some citrus, peach, dragonfruit? This is a very textured, complex, heavy on the fruit vape. The flavor is full bodied while not overpowering. Really easy to take smooth, long pulls of the vape and the flavor is there throughout, inhale and exhale. This is a solid choice for the fruit loving vapers.

Vanilla Explosion:
Vendor Description: “If there were a Mount Rushmore of flavor, vanilla would be a no-brainer. It also may be one of the plainest. That’s why we’ve taken out the scalpel and split it up into five different types. Bubba knew his shrimp, and we know our vanillas.
Bottle smells like a strong vanilla custard. That’s very nice, it’s heavy on the vanilla but light on the custard; the custard is a backdrop note that reveals itself as the flavor finishes resolving on the palate. And it’s nice and eggy too, without the over-sweet or cloying flavor I get from most custards. Also, it lacks that distinct brusqueness of most custards, it’s very smooth up front with that delicious dessert finishing note. I kind of can’t get over how creamy it is. Definitely in the top vanilla custardy vapes I’ve ever tried.

Vendor Description: “This is what freedom tastes like. The A team of flavor. Strawberry, blueberry, peach and even more added sweetness. We pity the fool who don’t vape it.
Bottle smells like some crazy dank strawberry flavor. Interesting… I get strawberry and peach upfront, but not a lot of what I assume is blueberry. It actually comes off a bit heavy handed, but it’s not terribly unpleasant. You get some of the juicy peach flavor in the middle to end of the flavor, but it’s kinda mixed up. Again, not unpleasant, but seems like it lacks direction.

Mellow Mango:
Vendor Description: “You’re on a sun-kissed Caribbean island, eating soft, flavorful mangoes from a crystal bowl, watching the horizon brighten into the day. Now, you’re closing you’re eyes with your ecig, imagining that scene at a bus stop, in a jacuzzi, on a skateboard — actually keep your eyes open on the skateboard. Either way, vaping mellow mango makes that daydream a whole lot easier.
Wow, that actually smells good – it’s like when you just cut into a fresh, not fully ripe mango sort of smell. Well I’ll be dipped in shit, a mango flavor that actually tastes authentic and doesn’t taste like a bag of ass candy. And not only that, this is eating mango right off the skin, freshly cut open, just mashing your face against a not fully ripe mango and getting all those little strings in your teeth and shit. I am truly impressed. That slight bitter note is *just* too powerful for me to be fully enamoured with this, except that it’s also what makes this tastes so authentic. It just lingers a little too long, but it may just be that I’ve had this juice too long and it’s been slightly over steeped. If you have been looking for a solid true mango flavor, this should be your first stop.

My Picks:

1) Fruitasm

2) Strawberry Clouds

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with these flavors. That Fruitasm is really one of the best solid fruit vapes I’ve had in a while, it tasted original and creative while being absolutely delicious. Their bottles come sealed in perforated shrinkwrap, which I think is a nice touch. They also have a small “tamper-evident” ring on them, which seems to keep them locked up tight for shipping, but can become a pain – as I was sampling them, the little rings tended to fall off on most bottles when I flipped them over to drip with them. Obviously not a deal breaker, just a little nuisance, and you can just throw them away anyway.

Well, that’s it for now. It’s been a long while since the last review, and I’ve got a stack of vendors after this one to review, which I plan to get to ASAP. Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading!

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