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They say: Lemons, Strawberries and Violets.

I say: The flavour straddles a tightrope between all three, although the strawberry leads slightly followed closely by the lemon with the violet coming to the fore towards the end only to finish on the exhale with a grassy aftertaste. A most curious mix.

Tinker Hell:

They say: Peaches, Vanilla custard and Coconuts.

I say: Peaches are meant to be sweet and… tangy or maybe the coconut is just a little too overpowering? I liked it… but loving it, another matter entirely.


They say: Strawberries, Cucumbers, mint and citrus

I say: Mint and Cucumber on the inhale with a lighter Strawberry and Citrus finish. Superb summer vaping, a great combination… : )

Miss Money:

They say: Raisins, mango and marshmallow

I say: Raisins on the inhale followed by Mango all wrapped up in a marshmallow duvet. Another very unusual vape.


They say: Minty menthol

I say: Mmmmmmmmmore!


They say: Anise, Cinnamon, Absinthe and Cream

I say: Christmas in your dripper. Whenever, wherever… : )


They say: Fruit, freshness and boom?

I say: Nope… the menthol/koolada muddles up any discernable fruit flavour and the boom should be boomier.


They say: Tartine (sourdough), butter and strawberry jam.

I say: It tastes exactly like the description… instant childhood… : )


They say: Red fruits, Blackberry, mint and eucalyptus

I say: Lovely melange of the above with no one note standing proud. Perfect for hot summer afternoon vaping, air conditioning for your palate.


They say: Cucumber, strawberries and cream

I say: Unlike the Albus this does not work for me, the cream and the cucumber combine to make something akin to a mild wheatgrass shot.


They say: Red fruits with a sweet caramel

I say: Nope.


They say: Raisin, red fruits, anise and eucalyptus

I say: It tastes of my dentists : (

A bit of a hit and miss affair here, sadly only a few flavours in this line faithfully reflect the quality and imagination that I normally associate with Liquideo.

All 0mg/ml juices (40VG/60PG) vaped in a 1.6 ohm japanese cotton wicked magma firing on a coolfire4 between 20 to 26 watts.

For more information about Liquideo’s myriad of juices check out

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