a) A band of rogue e liquid alchemists running rampant?
b) Moonlighting chemists engaging in an amusing hobby?
c) French juice made with love?

I can confirm that there are elements of all three.

The Vaporean Line – 60VG/ 40PG at 4mg/ ml


Raspberries noisily bathing in a Eucalyptus stew with what feels like a few errant Raspberry leaves to add some roughage to your vaping diet. Not quite so delicate as Brasberry mint (DBLiquids), not as cold as Antarctica (Thenancara) and not as fruity as Bloodie Fruiti (Liquideo) but great summer vaping all the same. Deliciously refreshing.


Pistachio and vanilla, it’s nuts but it works. This one takes a while to get used too but the room note and the toasted nutty aftertaste are good. Not an all day vape by any means, heavier than a gelato but thankfully not as sweet as ice cream. One for the closet squirrels out there, but do remember to drink plenty of water with this one.


Chocolate, peanuts and caramel, sounds familiar but can they pull it off? Darker chocolate here, not as dark as Ruby (DBLiquids) nor (Halo’s) Belgian chocolate debauchery but close, perhaps softened by the caramel? Peanuts are good too but there is something else lurking underneath the surface, a little milk chocolate perhaps? An all day vape for chocoholics, but more of an after dinner or evening vape for me… Snundies rather than Snickers.


Amber tobacco, vintage cognac and bourbon. Quite the gourmands delight. The tobacco is mild but just enough, personally I prefer a bit more rasp in my snout. The cognac and bourbon smooth this out and I remain convinced that there is a hint of coconut in this juice, but not as strong as Mrs Lords Navy cut. Bizarrely, there is also a nice aftertaste of chocolatey raisins.


Mint chocolate, this is a milk chocolate, good milk chocolate with a strong sweet mint makes for a great after dinner or evening vape. Sadly I must confess that I would love it more if it had darker chocolate.

All liquids enjoyed in a Japanese cotton wicked 1.6 ohm coil in a magma on a cana firing at 24 watts.

For further information on these fabulous French e liquids that all end in an a… please visit: http://www.thefuu.com , I remain intrigued and intend to try more from Fuu very soon.

Rating: An original Gustave Caillebotte: http://www.gustavcaillebotte.org/

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