Cherry Blossom – Vaponaute


They say:

Pistachio biscotti, morello cherries in kirsch, raspberry, almond cream, banana and violets.

I say:

The cherry is realistic with just enough sourness and no cough medicine aftershock, the biscuit and the almonds come close behind the initial fruit barrage. Then as the liquid warmed up I began to taste more pistachio, it’s almost chewy in the middle. I get hints of raspberry and violet but only hints until you apply more power and I simply cannot taste the banana, although I suspect they may be using it to smooth out the exhale?

This reminds me of both Selene (Thenancara) and Ispahan (Green Vapes), however Cherry Blossom is juicier by far…

Warning: may cause drooling.

All juice (60VG/40PG) enjoyed in a fibre freaks wicked, 1.5 ohm magma firing between 15 and 25 watts on a cana.

Another triumph of art, science and passion from Vaponaute.

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