Would a clone of a Rose smell as sweet?

What do the devices pictured have in common?


They’ve all been cloned.

I always said it might happen, but it would be more difficult than most devices since it’s made with such tight tolerances. However, it looks like The Rose has been cloned. Guess that means you’re real bigtyme now, Eden Mods?  *\:

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theangstfulvaper is a Texan, vape romantic, Plumes of Hazard host, hater of sleeves, fan of regulated mods, and lover of "silica" RBAs wicked with cotton.

  • Understudy77

    Personally I’ll wait to see the quality, either way kinda a bummer Andy and Lee are good peeps.

  • I think I will but one…. just to smash the living hell out of it!!

  • Lisa Edson

    I won’t be buying one, I respect the hell out of Lee and Andy, and the Rose V2 itself is a beautiful piece of vaping gear.

  • Ross Humpage

    Paps X is pictured ..has it been cloned too?

    • theangstfulvaper

      d’oh you’re right that is an X. title is now slightly misleading but the point stands I think. *(:

  • St_andrew

    With all the talk of tolerances will china be able to make a competent clone?