Evolv, the DNA, and China


Well hello everybody, I hope you are all doing well today. I was just informed of an interesting piece of news from a fellow Plumes host and felt I should come over here to both share the news and talk about it a little bit. That news is that US-based company Evolv (the makers of the DNA20, DNA30, as well as the Kick) has partnered with Innokin over in China to make a new device.

I’ll link the article after the jump but lets see what that device looks like shall we?

SVD 2.0

Not gonna lie that thing is terribly ugly, but Innokin said it will be very affordable so that may be the saving grace.

The Innokin rep quoted this as a 8 month in the works project, and I should also point out it does not appear to be a fully featured DNA30 board but rather a DNA Experience microchip capable of 20 watts.

Everything left is only speculation.  Just the usual banter we have discussed on Plumes over the last several months.

This could be how China was able to almost fully reverse the DNA board and start producing the clones; this is mere speculation but deals like this usually tend to leak to the rest of China.

This could also be a large part of the reason why there has been an 11+ week shortage on getting DNA30 boards to manufacturers recently or even the possible drop in quality some of the boards have seen.

But now the big question: is it a bad move on Evolv’s part? Honestly time will tell but as it stands now with more and more modders switching to the readily available and more powerful SX Chip, and the rise in Chinese clones of the authentic DNA board, this may be what Evolv has to do to stay afloat. The market will be flooded with Cheap DNA 20 devices which is great for everyone, and I personally see the SX board becoming the new hotness in the modding community. Let the chip wars begin, because it seems now both chips are available to both modders, and now the DNA is available en masse to Chinese manufacturers.

If you want to read the entire press release you can check it out here.


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  • theangstfulvaper

    Too bad it looks like a dildo. *:

  • I can see this could be geared toward the female vaping community!

    • Lisa Edson

      Being female I have to say it’s not tempting me at all!

    • VapeBitch

      No. No its not. 😛

  • Lisa Edson

    It is a shame it’s so ugly, because if it were nicer to look at, and the price is right I’d consider one for a knock around but right now, no thanks!

    • Understudy77

      This is one of those, ugly or not if the price is right it could be awesome, but damn do I also wish it looked better. The first SVD looked like a lightsaber, this looks like a vibrator.

  • Darren Stone

    It really does look like the abandoned baby after a regrettable one might stand between a lavatube and a svd