IV – EP044 – “The Times They Are a Changin'”

Live Event: 02/16/16 @ 10PM EST
Heightened Visibility of Open System Vapor Products: Good or Bad?
Rep Duncan Hunter (CA) Vapes in Congress.
The Concept of Relative Harm. Tired Trope or Valuable Educational Comparison?
Mayo Clinic report indicates encouraging adoption of (ENDS) vapor products by patients.
The BOD award returns with an unlikely recipient.
Americans for Tax Reform Founder says 10 Million Vapers May Influence Next Presidential Election.
Rip Trippers Sells Out Again!
We Discuss The Future of Inside Vaping.

IV – EP043 – “Has Going Mainstream Changed the Face of Vaping?”

With deeming regs looming on the horizon, we discuss the interesting dichotomy of vaping’s popularity while e-liquid companies struggle in a saturated market to get their brands recognized and modders question their future endeavors.

Leo vapes and the internet loses its damn mind.

Chicago experiences first brick and mortar casualty in the wake of tax bill.

Altria lays off workers and says they will be investing money in more reduced harm alternatives like electronic cigarettes.

IV – EP042 – “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”

Tonight at 10pm EST on Inside Vaping. Ep 042
Guest Panelist: UpStomp from Massachusetts Smoke Free Association
● Think of the Children! ANTZ circular rhetoric returns to youth smoking appeal.
● #NoEcigs4Kids wants to be the loudest voice in the room.
● The Mini Volt Mod by Council of Vapor – When is it too small?
● Chicago Mayor wants to raise smoking age to 21.
● New “I Quit” YouTube documentary series goes live.
● Yogic breathing, dual users. Maine NPR broadcast reveals lunacy.
● UK Tobacco Control study contradicts its own statements.
● Dave Dorn on Advertising: Small cars and Sanitary Napkins.
● White House in midst of finalizing “Deeming Rules”
● Storytime with Ed The Green. – This ain’t no Brahms’ Lullaby.

Streamed Live on 1/19/16 at 10PM EST.